The Dos and Don’ts of Hot Spring-ing |

Hot Springs_Feet

This past weekend I had my first encounter with a hot spring in Mammoth Lakes, California. If you ever get a chance to go in one, DO IT. Hot springs are some of the most magical places on the earth. But before you hit up these natural hot tubs, know the dos and don’ts.

Do Check the Temp
Not all hot springs are the right temperature for bathing. Some are scolding hot and could rip your skin off (not so magical). A quick Google search will do the trick.

Do Pack a Bag
Hot Springs are typically in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to wear good shoes. Also pack a bag with food, drink, your swimsuit, a towel and of course your camera! You will most likely be out there for a few hours.

Don’t Mind the Smell
The hot water/sulfide rock combo at the hot springs can create a rotten egg kind of scent. Not all hot springs will have this smell to the same extent, but just a heads up the potent combo may be there.

Don’t Expect to Be Alone
Hot springs are really in right now, so naturally a lot of people are going to want to be there!  Some of those people may even be naked, but try not to let that bother you.  If you’re not looking to share the spring, ask a local on when the best time would be to go for more privacy.

Soaking in thermal hot springs is an amazing and restorative experience, enjoy and make the most of it when you go!

Hot Springs_SunsetHot Springs_KJSAMMYHot Springs_Hot Spring

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