Fig, Basil, Burrata Salad |

I love figs. If I lived in a warmer climate all year round, I would totally have a couple fig trees in my back yard. I would also have a few lemon and orange trees too, but this story is about figs . . . figs.

So yes, long story short figs are finally back in season at local grocery stores and I could not wait to make one of my favorite salads of all time: fig, basilburrata.

It tastes so good that it’s almost unfair how crazy easy it is to make. Check it out below.

  1. Buy or grow figs, slice to your preferenceFigs
  2. Buy or grow basil, tear or cut off leavesbasis
  3. Buy or make burrata, cut into slicesBurrata
  4. Assemble all pretty and drizzle with olive oil and sea saltFinal

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