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Jane Birkin_bag2

Whenever I see a photo of Jane Birkin in the south of France toting her straw basket bag, I instantly want to be her. The lord knows whatever woman that can pull off a wicker basket as a true accessory is meant to be envied.

Luckily, for those of us who aren’t as bad-ass as the iconic 70s filmtress, more modern day woven basket bags are starting to make a comeback—leading me to believe I am not the only one whose summer mood board is collaged with pictures of Jane Birkin and her French lover, Serge, bopping around the streets of Europe.

Taking inspiration from her effortless style, below are a few modern day woven basket bags that once purchased will provide you with all the summer time, French market feels sans being in a French market.


  1. La Ligne, Printed Woven Straw Tote
  2. Straw Tote/Backpack
  3. Mango, Cactus Straw Bag
  4. Florabella, Flampione Bag
  5. Sam Edelmen, Tori Sequin Tote
  6. Round wicker basket long leather handle
  7. Ralph Lauren, Kiana Tote Bag
  8. Clare V, Kenya Maison leather-trimmed sisal tote
  9. Kayu, Pinata fringed woven seagrass tote

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