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Ah, the wrap dress—a staple in many women’s closets across the world. And it’s ingenious inventor? Why of course none other than the legendary fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg.

If you give zero fluffs about the history of fashion or haven’t been following her career, Diane von Furstenberg is a major clothing designer. For certain a name to jot down (she will be on the test later …just kidding there is no test later, but jotting down notes is still encouraged). If you can’t remember her full name, the acronym—DvF—will suit just fine as you try to coast through life on your limited fashion knowledge.

Born Diane Simone Michelle Halfin, DvF grew up in Brussels, Belgium with humble beginnings. She met a German prince, Egon zu Fürstenberg, while at University in Switzerland. They married in 1969 and moved to New York City where Diane began to start her clothing empire.* I read Diane’s latest autobiography and there is so much more back story to her early life but I will leave it here with a quick synopsis:

  • She was pregnant when she and Egon first got engaged, other royals thought she was a gold digger
  • Diane knew Egon was explorative with his sexuality, but they had a second child together anyway
  • After three short years of marriage Diane and Egon amicably split, a.k.a conscious uncoupling
  • Diane kept Egon’s last name (with a few modifications) and continued to build her empire

Speed up to present day, Diane von Furstenberg is still a house hold name as she continues to dominate the fashion world with her clothing line, several published books and must see TV series on E!—House of DvF.

With her own effortless style and amazing mantras on female independence, Diane is much more than the empire she has built. She is the wise mother, funny best friend, and in-network therapist you’ve always needed. With her wrap dress, Diane has made millions of women believe in the power of themselves and that…well that’s a pretty powerful thing to come out of one person let alone one little dress.


Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, sitting in the back of a car








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