Woman Crush: Margot Robbie |


I knew a Margot once.

Not Margot Robbie of course, that would be a little too close to home to write about. My Margot was a super short, sweet, red headed, fair skinned, freckled faced girl I went to summer camp with once. **I just read that line to my sister, she said my Margot sounded like a cabbage patch doll.

So when the actress Margot Robbie popped up . . . well let’s say I wasn’t anticipating what was—a blonde bombshell.

I remember the first time I saw Margot (Margot Robbie that is, not my fellow camp-goer). She was naked in The Wolf of Wall Street—as you may remember too (#bodyenvy). All jealousy aside, as time has gone on, I just seem to adore her more and more. She is talented, has some great box office hits AND if her Instagram account is any indication just seems like a fun-loving athletic gal.

See some of my favorite looks from Margot Robbie below.



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