7 Steps To Washing Your Make-Up Brushes |


Alright, alright—I’ll admit it. I don’t wash my make-up brushes as much as I should.

Make-up brush washing is a chore that must be properly planned for—these babies will need at least 24 hours of air drying before usage—and I will be losing all of the magical make-up goodness that resides in each and every one of them. That left over pop of pink in my blush brush, that just right amount of foundation lingering in my beauty blender. Yet alas, it is a necessity, especially when it comes to getting rid of germs and if a change in season is coming.

If you too are lacking in your make-up brush cleaning game, here are seven easy steps to getting your #79 and #65 all sudsed up and re-raring to go!

    1. Fill a sink half way full with lukewarm water, putting in a few drops of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (this shampoo is super gentle on the bristles and great for getting rid of germs!)
    2. Place make-up brushes in the water and soak for about 5 minutes
    3. Drain the sink and gently massage each make-up brush under warm running water to totally clean out whatever product or shampoo that may be remaining
    4. Lay a hand towel down on a flat, safe surface
    5. Reshape the bristles of each make-up brush and place them on the towel—the head of each make-up brush hanging just off the edge of the towel so it is free in the air (this will help them keep their shape!)
    6. Let them dry overnight or for 24 hours
    7. Use again!


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