Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot |


Is there really any actress more iconic than Brigitte Bardot? A seldom few, if you can even think of any.

I have never seen a Brigitte Bardot movie (yes, I know, I suck). It’s always been on my proverbial list of rainy day things to do . . . if I have nothing else to do. Needless to say I have just never gotten around to it.

However, I still know of Brigitte Bardot and the concept of her ‘iconic-ness’ has gotten me thinking. What is it about her effortless summer girl style that has transcended time and even anyone having never seen her in a film? Is it her hair? Her body? Her French girl style? Is it the culmination of the trifecta? I don’t know, and it is with this je ne sais qui that I must pay tribute.

See some of my favorite Brigitte Bardot summer style photos below.



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