10 Habits That Prematurely Age You |

I am really glad I grew up with movies like The First Wives Club. I was probably way too young to watch these rented, feminist, VHS treasures (thanks P & J!), but still, none-the-less they gave me invaluable lessons about being a w-o-m-a-n  to this day.

Elise Elliot was the perfect portrayal of the false stereotype that aging for woman is bad. Her character in the film being a famous actress, ‘aging’ out of Hollywood, while her husband was divorcing her for a much younger woman—self coped with unnecessary plastic surgery, cigarettes, alcohol and other unmentionable meds to feel better about herself and ultimately try and look ‘younger’.


As only a 26 year old  I can relate to Elise.  While I have never reached for the knife to fix my body insecurities nor have I been left for a much younger woman (too my knowledge), your looks changing without your consent can be maddening (I have about 7 – 10 gray hairs that I don’t necessarily care fore but I still deal with them). Ultimately though, I think we all can agree that aging is an inevitable, natural part of life and if handled gracefully, with practices of balance and moderation—everyone can make the most out of their looks (and health) no matter how many years we have behind us.

Click here for 10 habits that can prematurely age you that are 100% preventable!


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